Are you looking for a change in your life?

Do you need a change of vision, some orientation or do you want to finde alternatives?

Or has something in you life radically changed and you are looking for a way to adapte?


All this and much more can be achieved in a Intensive-Coaching. Coaching is a tecniques of short time counseling where the topic and the goal is clearly defined from the beginning. Therefore it is very straight forward and profound. Question-tecniqs are used to invite you to change your perspective of your situation, to help you to open your mind for new solutions and to be determined to follow your own way. 


What ever your concerns are, let me know and we will find together a way to improve your ability to deal with the circumstances. 


Are you looking for private or semiprivate Yoga classes in Tarifa? Or would you like to visite Tarifa and combine your visite with Private Retreat?


I'm happy to offer you both. 


As a qualified Dynamic Yoga Teacher, I will invite you to feel as deeply and as continiously as possible what is actually happening in your body. To enhance this intimacy with yourself and to create softness, we use a series of movements that are repeated or held long enough to allow you to get really deeply in touch with the source of yourself.


To learn more, do not hesitate to contact me with all your questions and wishes.